Superfoods For Supercities

Nourishing People…
  • Nutritious superfoods that improve consumer healthspan
  • 100% clean leafy greens with no washing needed
  • Harvested fresh daily
  • Growing at the heart of demand for freshness and food resilience
  • Commitment to job and people development in an emerging agri-tech industry
… and Planet
  • Zero pesticides
  • 95% less water consumption
  • 92% less carbon emissions generated than imported produce
  • Fighting food waste
  • Controlled environment agriculture for consistent year-round production regardless of climate
  • Growing indoors to prevent degradation of arable land

Live Better with Better Greens
100% Clean, Pesticide-Free, Harvested Fresh Daily

Sustenir grows 100% clean superfoods. Our delicious, highly nutritious leafy greens are grown all-year round regardless of climate, free of pesticides and external pollutants. Sustenir’s vision is to nourish people and planet, one leaf at a time. We build smart vertical farms at the heart of demand in urban populations to minimise carbon footprint whilst maximising impact in local communities.


Sustenir grows Curly and Tuscan kale. They are one of the original superfoods, being high in vitamins and minerals like Vitamin C, A, K and manganese.


Our spinach is sweet, tender and versatile in many cuisines. Known for being a superfood high in iron and antioxidants, our spinach is a fan favourite in both salads and stir-fries!


Lettuce celebrate how awesome lettuce can be in a salad! Our crisp, juicy lettuce mixes are paired with kale or arugula to maximise nutrition in every delicious bite.

Discover Our Superfoods

Fresh, flavourful leafy greens grown right at the heart of demand. No pesticides and no imported greens, everything is grown in a local farm by local farmers.

Kinky Kale

High in iron and a marvelous source of antioxidants, our Kale packs a nutritious punch with a delightfully light and sweet crunch. 1 serving has 2x more Vitamin C than an orange.

Toscano Kale with GABA

Our Toscano Kale is full-flavoured with a nutty finish, is high in antioxidants and GABA. This superfood benefit is known to help reduce stress and blood pressure, working as your body's traffic light system to calm you down. 1 serving has 3x more Vitamin B9 (Folate) than 1 serving of Peanuts (28g).

Spectacular Spinach

Spectacularly sweet and tender leaves, with stalk for that extra crunch. Mild tasting for versatile food paring for all cuisines. 1 serving has 8x more Vit A than a glass of milk.

Mighty Mix

A nutritious mix of curly kale, arugula and crisp oak leaf lettuce. Peppery, sweet and succulent. 1 serving has 6x more Vitamin A than 1 serving of papaya (130g).

Glorious Greens

A tasty blend of curly kale, Tuscan kale, and lettuce. Crisp, buttery and light. 1 serving has 6x more Vitamin A than 1 serving of papaya (130g).

Almighty Arugula

A nutritional powerhouse packed with antioxidants, our Arugula’s bold and peppery taste with subtle nut and mustard nuance takes your greens from bland to grand. 1 serving has 4x more Vitamin K than egg yolks.

Super Kale

Sweet and zesty curly kale. Our Superkale is chopped for easy convenience.

Baby Kale

Soft and sweet baby curly kale leaves with milder flavours but higher nutrition.

Kale Blend

A healthy blend of two super kales – curly and Tuscan kale. This blend is light and sweet with a hint of earthiness. Our kale bend is chopped for easy convenience.

Spectacular Spinach Noodles

Sustenir Spectacular Spinach Noodles is made using with 30% freshly juiced spinach, locally grown produced with zero pesticides. Zero trans fat, artificial preservatives, colourings or flavourings. Cooks in 2 minutes.

Fresh Superfoods Grown In Your City

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Spectacular Spinach
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Spectacular Spinach Noodles
Spicy dumpling soup noodles
Kinky Kale
Kale dumplings
Kinky Kale
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Roasted pumpkin, feta and lettuce salad